I use everyday materials to explore community, place, ecology, and themes of re-use. Discarded materials are recycled into works that highlight underlying systems of use, value and labor. In my sculpture and installation, I use recycled cardboard to construct pieces that
re-contextualize urban settings and bring interest to things that are ignored, unseen or disregarded. Common objects such as sidewalks, boxes or a beat-up truck filled with cardboard on its way to the recycling center can reveal connections to larger systems and the urban community. In public projects and workshops, I encourage interactions with people to explore ideas of community, commerce and questions of value. Constructing environments that promote connections between people and encourage the use of post-consumer materials provide alternatives to consumer-driven culture. I use barter and trading systems to promote more relational, less commercial means of economic exchange. These materials and interactions are at the center of my work. Engagement and reassessment of an environment invites people to see what is de-valued and consider alternate ways to understand the give-and-take. Bringing peripheral items, events or circumstances into focus allows for reconsideration of community and different understanding of objects and place. c. 2016